“How did it come to this?” she asked the room.

”You mean how did we screw up our lives so bad we’re sorting online auction items for a living?” Nancy replied.

”Yes, that’s exactly what I mean,” she answered.

”We majored in English,” said Heather.

 With Jumbo!

With Jumbo!

Random stuff

  • When I'm bored, I like sketching in Google Chat boxes.
  • I love hockey. So much so that I signed up for an adult beginners league in 2012. I broke my wrist on the first day.
  • I love birds and have been a volunteer with Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue since 2007.
  • My favorite book of all time is A Confederacy of Dunces, which I hope they never make into a movie.
  • I started learning piano a few years ago. It took three years but I can finally play Bach's first two-part Invention pretty well.